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Subject:Currently on night shift on Jasmine ward
Time:05:11 am

I'm on a night shift at the moment, on Jasmine ward (gynaecology) and its 5am. Nout mucho to do at the moment and that y i'm doing this entry! Might start writing on here again, as i don;t currently have a written journal. Forget to buy one this yr and it feels like i'm wasting my life not writing any of it down!

In 2nd year of nursing at the moment and its so much hard work i dont have time to have a life!

Not had time to play my guitar, or write any more songs, or go dancing, or clean out my fish that i havent cleaned out since november!!!! The tank is black! :o( poor shabumpkin.

Do have time to go pub every thurs night for kareoke though! Fun! Prob will sing tonight hehe. Its gr8!

No money, i'm skint. But ads paying for a hol for us at easter! :o)

This weekend is mine and ads 5 yr annaversary. Going 2 china town for meal and staying over night in a swanky hotel ;O)

The patients have been quite buzzer happy tonight but they have settled down now! Bless them.

I think that is all for now cos my typing is quite loud! eek!

Leneee St/NURSE lol, i'm tired.
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Current Music:silence
Subject:November update
Time:06:25 pm
Current Mood:excitedexcited

Well I only come on here when i'm bored. Just been looking at Ebay, Im a bit sadly addicted to it, not as much as a couple of months ago though. So whats happened since last time?

- I went to Italy with adam (Sorrento & Rome) which was so exciting!!
- Left boring VMC! Leaving do at was quite hilarious though!
- Started Uni, im a student again!
- Passed driving test! Bought a silver fiat Punto
- became 20! NOOOOOOOOO! i'm so old!!! I hate it!

I'm sure alot more has happened since then! Just you know when you havent seen someone in ages and you seem to have nothing to talk about, but when you see someone all the time you can talk about what you been up to, but more smaller things like "I went out to a party last night and..." well its like that. So im looking 4ward to Nando's on Friday for some womans leaving do from adams work! and then VMC christmas party on Sat i been invited to! Got Snow Patrol on 16/12/04 and Manics on 17/12/04 which shall be good! Went to see Hives and Keane this year which were very good, both in completely different ways. Its nice to go to different types of bands and not just the same kind. So, i been placed on an orthopaedics rehab ward at stepping hill, its quite good actually, very hands on - Bed bathing, toileting patients, checking blood pressures/pulse readings/temperature/sats etc and all the basic nursing jobs really but on 16/12/04 its the Christas holidays! I cant wait. Anyway off to pick up kim, were going to cinema!
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Current Music:Background of Eastenders
Subject:April update
Time:08:03 pm
Current Mood:contentcontent

Hey,  I though i would do a quick update, as i was looking on here anyway. So since last time i updated i been accepted to start the nursing course in September which im really excited about! I will be hopefully leaving VMC the workplace of hell (well, not really just like being at school with stupid petty rules! but boring too) in August and get a bit of a summer holiday b4 i start which will be nice! Its really good at the mo because i got good Friday off this week, Then its Easter!!! an excuse for lots of choccy! then, got Monday off, week after i got Wed of coz its my DRIVING TEST!!! my first one, so im quite scard but i would love to pass!!! Then week after Mon off cos its Ads birthday, dont know what we're doin yet, Ad says it would be good to go out with Tom and Emma or somethin. Then week after we go to ITALY!!!!! To sorrento, which i'm really excited about! Ad hasnt been on a plane before so that will be cool! and so im quite busy! It seems to be getting to be quite an exciting year anyway!! Been with Ad for over 3 years now! Its really nice! Wish i still live with him though, but no money for that! Not for a while now either! Anyway we been going to the cinema alot lately, we got one of those pass things where its unlimited! Emma & Tom have got them too so they come along alot aswell! Loads of good movies coming out now! Gothika, Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind, Butterfly Effect, Dawn of the Dead, Day after tomorrow etc. The excitement!! Wanna go to gig soon, havent been to one for ages!! Wanna see another musical again soon. Typical i got no money. saving for the holiday! Will be buying my designer clothes over there! Things im looking forward to most are; 1. Sunshine 2.Romanticness of Italy 3. Just a good chill out break with my baby away from everything, especially skallies of  hazel Grove, work and the weather!!!

Anyway best go now, i got to practice my guitar for tomorrows lesson. Im learning "Everlong" by foo's. and, i wanna watch Eastenders, good old Dennis getting himself into trouble again! Wehay! Den just told Sharon Dennis killed Jack! anyways..HAPPY EASTER!!!

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Time:11:05 pm
I had the bestestest crimbo this year it was nice! and the new years eve was the bestestest ive ever had! it was groovy! On a more seriouse note I am in another job now at VMC, its boring but its a job (and i need moneys). Im applying for the nurse diploma course though which im not sure i will be accepted into this year because im late on applying, but i will try next year anyway once i have done my gcse. I wish i had the patience to write in here but i could be doing my open uni work if im in the mood for writing, which i am not i would rather listen to some music, and relax watching my lava lamp while lying in bed, sounds like a much more comfortable idea! It 11:10pm so why not? I don't know who i am writing to.
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Current Music:x box music, gun noises etc
Time:04:42 pm
Current Mood:boredbored
I'm sat with Adam, Neil and Lisa watching Neil play on X Box live. We are sat in the dark. I dont know why. On sunday it was my Birthday, it was quite good. On the Saturday me, Ad, Kim, John, Emma, Tom, Jenna, Daisy and David went to Manchester. We went to the Hard Rock cafe which was really good. The waitress found out it was my birthday and at the end of the meal, about 4 waiters and waitresses came to the table with a big ice cream with a candle in it and made me stand up on my chair with it while everyone in hard rock sang happy birthday to me, it was so embarresing, but at least i was drunk enough to not care!! then we tried to get in to all the bars in manchester and none let us in because they either wanted ID (which i 4got!) or would let you in with trainers (which ad was wearing) so we ended up in an irish pub!! so weird.

Anyway from the last update, i moving in with adam and spend 4 months living with him. It was so much fun we loved it!!! the only reason we moved out was because we wanted money to go on holidays and get cars and stuff while we can and then buy a house instead of renting. We still wish regret moving out though everyday :(

I left the hazel grove dentist and got a job at high lane dentist where i was a dental nurse for 6 more months and then i left beacause it was rubbish money, and i didnt want to be a dental nurse anymore. I quit and got a fiew weird jobs:

Dodgy Sales Job: It was in Manchester behind Odean Cinema on Oxford road. A crazy french guy took us out around preston every day learning how to pitch. you were supposed to earn about 300 ponds a week at the very least, and worked 8am - 6pm and saturdays too. Everyone working there were mental, the office had 2 big tvs playing mtv on it constantly, hardly any tables, no computers, no normal office stuff, they told me i didnt have to pay tax (ever seen the boiler room?) - i left 3 days later.

The Marketing Job-
I worked for a week at a Marketing company which do promotions for mainly supermarkets like sainsburys and tesco's. All i did was help with the huge sacks full of mail that people had sent in with their tokens for free tennis lessons. So boring. I left and never went back.

The Archiving Job-
This was only temp for 3 days anyway. It was working for Otis, the poeple who make lifts. All i did was make boxes and fill in databases. thats it really.

The Co-op bank job-
Working in the Pyramid. where i am now. I sort out the post for the team, do matching, fill in databases, sometimes talk on phone, sometimes key apps, i batch and put on afi. And spend hours on the photocopier. Literally. Boring.


I am also doing an open uni course, a degree in humanities where you study the arts: philosophy, media, art, music, history, rs etc. Which is good

not much else to say at the moment.
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Subject:christmas time 2002
Time:12:30 am
On wednesday me and adam are moving in together! Im so happy and excited! People thought we wouldnt last but its been 1 year and 9 months on wednesday and it still feels like when u 1st go out with someone and u are really excited to see each other for the next time! I love him to bits
Thats all
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Current Music:Artful Dodger -"think about me"
Subject:think about me
Time:11:04 pm
Current Mood:exhaustedexhausted
I'm so tired. I'm not used to being able to go to sleep without my nytol lol. I have never ever been able to sleep properly sinse i was a baby, its insane. I hate it, i should have more energy at my age! hopefully i will get used to it hehe. Well dental nursing is interesting and i get to look in all of hazel grove's mouth's but i dont wanna have people i know who hate me comming in...actually that would be funny coz i'll be in control hahah. I hate filing coz its the most boring thing in the whole wide world. except watching paint dry which i do remember actually doing once when my mum and dad owned the shop and i was ill off school or something. Oh the days when i made big elasticated balls, priced everything in sight. U know what song is really nice? "two out of three aint bad" by Meatloaf, listening to it at this current time. Friday tomorrow which is cool, love fridays! Begining of a long nice chill out break pheewww.

18th soon...2 months

then crimbo, oh the fun n' games

moving out with adam...the best. need the change of scenery

cant spell

am stupid

will stop now.
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Time:11:06 pm
Current Mood:thirstythirsty

Yesterday i went to my cousin, Simons' wedding and it was really nice! Our cousines from down south came too and i havent really ever known them properly but i got to talk to them alot yesterday! Then at night Jane's new boyfriend, Paul from scotland, and my Adam came too! There were loads of us round thid really small table which was silly! Me and Adam got quite drunk and then we got up dancing and it was wicked! When the night ended (around 2:45am) me, mum, maria(another cousin), Paul, Jane and Adam came back to ours and all but mum and maria (who stayed up til 6am) went to bed :) today we went to Lyme park coz My aunty, Sandra, had a buffet thing which me and Ad went to and loads of the family were there. Its been quite a good weekend so far! I work now as a dental nurse which is weird but interesting and i got paid £180 last week after only working 3 days so i dont understand it but i dont care. Oohh money! oooh me and adam going out next weekend!
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Subject:First entry
Time:12:24 am
Current Mood:happyhappy
I love my baby. He's a gorgeouse babe and guess what...he's mine, alll mine :)
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